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HOW TO START : If you are new to TRE®, you may want to ask questions before booking a session. Likewise, I need to get information from you before you start with TRE®. You can ask your questions via email or request a free zoom call of 15 minutes. It all begins with your initiative to contact me - in real :-) Every TRE® Journey is individual and requires communication, reflection and adjustment until you know how to use it best for yourself. HOW TO EXPAND YOUR TRE®: For those who tremor alone at home, be aware that it is often the case that doing TRE® without guidance leads to routine and repetition patterns - we are just emotionally primed to seek safety in repetition, it is normal but not helpful. Some people who 'try on their own' either get bored or find that they have no benefit after a while and drop TRE®. That is sad, because it is about recognising patterns and changing them what makes TRE® so potent and powerful. But this is really difficult to achieve alone. I speak from experience. HOW TO BOOK ONLINE SESSIONS: You will receive a confirmation email and a 'How To' doc and arrange a date and time for your session with me. Please note that my timezone is GMT/UTC+2 My schedule does not allow me to have set times for online sessions, however, I am flexible and encourage you to let me know your preferences.

About Me

External conflict comes to an end with the dawn of internal peace. (David Berceli, PhD)
Born in Germany, I live in South Africs where I started my own TRE® journey in 2011 with Dr David Berceli. Since 2016 I am a Certification Trainer for TRE®. I attended several Advanced Trainings, train Providers online and in person and offer upskill - workshops for Certified Providers. I find that TRE® is one of the most potent, easy and empowering methods of wellbeing available today.
My TRE® Journey
Shaking Myself Alive Shaking Myself Alive

Shaking Myself Alive



See you !

See you !

You can reach me on phone or email, I prefer WhatsApp from calls.
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8 Montgomery Drive Winston Park 3610 South Africa
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